Why Hire Coast Construction

1. Quality, Value, and Service: These are the key components of any construction project, and our company delivers the best of all three.

2. Turn-Key Projects: We handle everything from the beginning to the end, starting with a detailed scope of repairs to a pristine final cleaning of the finished project.

3. Our Experience: Damage repair is a niche market, and our 35 years of experience sets us apart from other contractors.  Our Estimators and Project Managers have nearly 150 years of collective experience in this field.

4. We Are Specialists: We focus almost exclusively on fire and other damage repair construction work, so that our attention to your job is not diverted to any other business.

5. One-Stop Services: Although construction is the only part of damage repair work that we handle directly, we coordinate and manage all necessary activities so that you don’t have to.

6. We Work For You, Not Your Insurance Company: But we do it in a fair, even-handed way, without being adversarial, striking the proper balance between advocacy, trust, and cooperation.

7. We Have A Deep Understanding Of The Insurance Industry. We have in-depth and thorough knowledge about how the insurance business and the claims process works.

8. Insurance Industry Experience: Our staff has worked in the insurance industry.  This is like having an ex-IRS agent help with your taxes.

9. We Know Insurance Policies and Coverages: This knowledge and experience enable us to effectively deal with your insurance company in ways that safeguard your interests and maximize your benefits.

10. We Are Experts: Our staff has extensive experience in consulting, arbitrations, mediations, and court testimony.

11. We Understand The Insurance Industry’s Estimating Software: We know how to use the tools and the “tricks of the trade” in this software to your best advantage.

12. Fast Settlements: We are able to reach an agreement on repair costs with your insurance company quickly, so that repairs can start as fast as possible. (This process can take months if not handled properly).

13. We Help You Avoid Pitfalls: Improper handling of your project and paperwork can have serious consequences.

14. Our Design Work Is Superb: We provide in-house design services using 3-D software to produce beautiful work for you. The photographs on our website illustrate the quality of our designs.

15. We Work With You On Changes: We are very open to integrating remodeling and changes into your project. Our website shows examples of the huge transformations we are able to deliver for our customers.

16. Financial Resources: We are able to fund projects while waiting for insurance and mortgage company payments. (Payment delays can be very long. This is one of the pitfalls we help you avoid).

17. We Minimize Your Financial Responsibility: We structure our contract so that you do not pay us until your insurance and mortgage companies release your claim payments.

18. We Handle The Mortgage Company Process: We take on the time-consuming task of dealing with the interactions between your insurance company and your mortgage company.

19. We Handle The Engineering: We work with our engineers and review the plans for the building permit in order to facilitate timely permit issuance.

20. We Handle The Building Permit And Inspections: We have long histories with every building department in the East Bay, and we know how to get permits issued as fast as possible and make your job go smoothly.

21. We Handle Separate Coverages: All insurance policies are actually several policies in one, and components of your claim need to be properly apportioned and documented.

22. We Handle Your Replacement Cost Claim and Supplements: These are aspects of your claim that need to be properly compiled, documented, submitted and negotiated.  We do all of this for you.

23. We Handle Your Building Ordinance Claim: We take care of every aspect of this technical part of your claim, which must be meticulously compiled in order for you to be fully compensated for code upgrade work.

24. We Minimize The Risk of Code Coverage Overruns: We administer your project in order to avoid pitfalls in this area while optimizing inclusion of work that benefits you.

25. We Have Excellent Project Managers And Estimators: Our Project Managers are a pleasure to work with, and our dedicated Estimators remain available to you throughout your project.

26. We Have Excellent Field Staff and Subcontractors: Our Workmen are exceptionally capable and experienced craftsmen.  Our website is a testament to their workmanship.  And our Subcontractors provide us – and you – with the utmost in quality and service.

27. Limited Territory: We only work in Alameda, Solano and Contra Costa Counties. Our attention is not diverted by projects that are too far away to be administered effectively.

28. We Are Trusted By Fire Departments: We are on the Contra Costa County and Vallejo Fire Department board-up lists, and provide 24/7/365 emergency response services to fire departments, individuals, property management companies, businesses, and insurance companies.

29. We Have A Very High Consumer Rating: At our last consumer satisfaction survey, we scored a 93% recommendation rate.

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At Coast Construction, we offer complete damage repair services to help get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible after a fire or other disaster.

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