Questions You Should Ask

We are specialists in our field.  We provide quality work at competitive prices, and most importantly we care about what we do.

We work for you. Our contract is with you, and you are our only customer. We interact diplomatically with your insurance company, but ultimately our allegiance is to you.

Service is extremely important. The experience of having construction work done matters considerably. Being the customer is a lot of work to be sure, but we try to make it as easy and pleasant as possible.

They are exceptionally high.  In a survey conducted by a major consumer research organization, we received a 93% approval rating.

Damage repair is our primary business. Many of our competitors have different divisions that take their focus off of construction. At Coast, all of our resources are dedicated to the work you hire us to do.

This is a very real danger with other contractors.  Insurance and mortgage companies are very slow to release funds, and many contractors stop jobs due to payment delays.  But our contract is structured so that this doesn’t happen.

Coverage limits always need to be considered. Every insurance policy is several policies in one, with separate limits that apply to different things. It is essential to categorize everything properly so that the risks of issues with limits are minimized.  This is one area where our experience and expertise is extremely valuable.

You will have your own Project Manager who will manage the day-to-day details of your job, and will work with you on design, selections, etc.  A working Foreman will manage the job site. Your Estimator will remain involved to deal with supplements, code upgrades, change orders, and any issues or questions you might have.

Our answer is no.  The opposite is true.  We believe that Coast Construction is just the right size.  We have only the overhead we need to provide excellent service and an excellent work product. We put more of our resources into your project than our competitors.

We see astounding comments made by our competitors.  Many of the things that are promised simply can’t be delivered.  Our advice is this:  Get it in writing – in the Contract.

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At Coast Construction, we offer complete damage repair services to help get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible after a fire or other disaster.

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